How to Find Free (or nearly free) Entertainment

Boredom. It happens to all of us. The number one cure for boredom is to turn on the TV. What if you want to do something other than chill and watch Netflix? Sometimes living in a big city, it can feel like any attempts at going out will cost you next week’s food budget.

I’m here to share with you that there are SO many opportunities for free or cheap entertainment, all that is required is a little detective work!


-Last week I went to a free hockey game. I had no idea this existed until I received a email from the university I attended. Once a year the two major universities in town face off in the “Crowchild Classic.” A free game, open to the public. Seating is first come first served. This hockey game was MORE intense than the professionals – the crowd was wild, the players were fierce. All in all, a great night. Typically to attend a hockey game could cost up to $150 per ticket. Good deal!

-Lululemon holds a free yoga class on Sundays at some of their retail store in the mall – all you have to do is sign up!

-Many theatrical groups in town hold free plays during the summer at various city parks

-Brew a coffee or tea at home, grab a friend, and take a stroll along your community paths and parks

-Want to play organized sports but can’t afford the fees? Some organizations offer free playing time to individuals who are willing to volunteer to help set up equipment, perform some admin tasks, or keep score

-Grab your skates and some friends and hit up an outdoor rink in your community

-Sign up for loyalty programs. I was a customer at Scotiabank for years, who has teamed up with Scene to offer customers great perks at the movies. By signing up for the Scene card, every debit purchase qualified me for points at the movie theatre. I haven’t paid for a movie in years

-Help out start up businesses in your community. Many of them will offer discounted workshops or seminars in an attempt to drum up interest. Maybe someone is offering a class on how to grill the best steak, or make exceptional cupcakes. Consider going to a start up class for $25 instead of the $100 that the established cooking schools are charging

So there you go, just because you are living on a budget, doesn’t mean you have to be a couch potato. What activities have you found in your community that don’t break the piggybank?




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